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We strive to make a difference

Cyberlight Care Services Inc. is a privately owned and operated organization that believes in honoring the experiences of all youth, individuals, and families who require support and/or guidance in a culturally sensitive, client-centered, trauma-informed, and responsive approach.

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We focus on compassionate care giving.
Our primary strategy is to empower all individuals, including youth, adults, and families, by developing their abilities, skills, and confidence to a point where they can recognize their own strengths, build upon those, and strengthen skills as it relates to coping, social and/or intervention skills.

We are Accredited!

What We Do

Cyberlight Care Services is a company that believes in supporting its clients physically, Emotionally psychologically, and spiritually.

health care

Health care

We offer care to Adults and youths with mental and physical impediments



We offer assistance and support to everyone who walks through our front door


Safety and Security

Everyone's safety is our utmost priority.

skill development

Skills development

We create a space for everyone to grow and develop important personal skills

our services

We're thrilled to help you become stronger and more confident. We empower individuals and families to recognize and cultivate their unique strengths, and we're here to provide expert guidance and self-care tools to manage stress and challenges. Let's achieve greatness together!



  • Support in Short-Term Assisted living(respite)

  • Supported Independent Living
  • Emergency response
  • Individual skills development

Support and care

  • Adults youths and kids with mental and Developmental challenges

  • Adults and youth with physical challenges
  • Elders in Need of Support
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